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Our Guidelines


Les Films de la Récré is committed to the safety of our clients and staff and we strictly adhere to all recommended guidelines.



Bespoke planning for each project will allow us to carefully integrate all necessary procedures, deploy the appropriate equipment and crew and
manage the safety of each shoot day from start to finish. With this detailed planning we will successfully deliver the content required for each client while confidently maintaining safe and controlled production environments.

Here are a few of our   safety procedures

  • No crew members will have symptoms of COVID-19 or will have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks.

  • Crew members temperature will be taken before we enter filming location.

  • Routes into the filming location will be identified in advance of shoot to ensure the most efficient is chosen with the least contact to other people on site.

  • Two metres or more distance will be maintained from participants. Measured marks will be taped to floor to clearly encourage space.

  • Boom mic only will be used to avoid contact. If booming is not feasible, saintized mics will be offered and Sound Operators will train talent to apply mics themselves.

  • Crew members will wear recommended protective face masks and gloves and will observe all recommended hygiene protocols (i.e. hand washing, use of hand-sanitiser).

  • Hand Sanatizer will be available on set for all crew members to use regularly.

  • Locations will be pre-lit and all surfaces, props and equipment will be sanitised before participants arrive.

  • Crews will be kept as small as possible and minimise the number of crew / agency /cast on set at any one time.

  • Should a spokesperson be unable to attend safely then we can use video conferencing facilities, relaying video remotely to agency / client.

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